Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 3: The Group Blog

This is Aaron writing.  We have just created this group blog, which will be a space for us to all contribute our different experiences as a way to keep family, friends, and the larger Wheaton community to see how we are doing in Bhutan.

So far we have already had an amazing variety of experiences and have not even been here three weeks.  We have adjusted to our role as international students at Royal Thimphu College, have been blown away by the friendliness and warmth of roommates (and get into arguments about whose are the best, the correct answer being, of course, mine).

In addition to adjusting to daily life, we have already been able to witness and experience extraordinary things: climbing to the famous "Tiger's Nest" Buddhist "Dzong" (essentially a temple, and I may have mispelled that), attended an international conference on Gross National Happiness and Development, half of us participated in a meeting with the Prime Minister (picture to the right), and just two days ago had dinner in the home of a Bhutanese Princess, the 4th King's sister and current King's aunt.  Believe it or not, this just scrapes the surface.

We have been very busy and have been both grateful for the friendliness and graciousness with which we have been welcomed into this country.  This will be a space for us all to share our voices and experiences, and we look forward to keeping everyone in other parts of the world informed about our time in "the land of the Thunder Dragon".

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