Saturday, October 22, 2011

E Z like Sunday Mornin

I pull the covers closer to my body and peer over at the clock on my phone – 8:06 it reads... I must have drifted back to sleep because when I look again a moment later it is 8:21. I stretch my hands above my head and make my way out of bed, the cold hits me. I throw my sweat pants on over my pajamas, a sweatshirt over my T-shirt, a jacket, winter hat, and mittens. I love the way the air feels on my face when I walk outside... I have always enjoyed Sundays, Sunday mornings in particular. I'm not sure why but they just feel unlike any other morning in the week... The snow capped mountains appear chiseled out of the Himalayan sky as I exit my hostel and make my way to the dining hall – Breakfast at RTC closes at 9 AM, this kick starts my morning a bit earlier than at Wheaton; I like it. The breakfast Monday through Saturday is fried rice (I've become a big fan and am not sure if I'll be able to transition back to eggs) but on Sunday they like to mix it up – today it is some kind of stew with dough and vegetables; it warms my body right up. I bump into my friend Jigme on the way out of the dining hall, he tells me he is on his way to officiate a cricket match, I go along to watch. I like cricket, I never understood the game until about a month ago when my friends here explained it to me... The sun has traveled above the mountains and is beating down on the cricket pitch. I walk to a field on the lower end of campus and lay down in the grass. There's no more need for the layers I put on a few hours ago in my cold room. The sun warms my skin, I'm back in my pajamas and T-shirt. I close my eyes and feel the breeze.



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